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Testing Facility in Pickaway County Not Operational at This Time


PICKAWAY – A local online blogger has posted that a testing facility for COVID-19 is open in Pickaway County by Ohio Heath Systems is not true. The location claimed is the Southern Point Community Ohio Health Location where they are currently setting up tents.

I was contacted by several people in the Ohio Health Berger management that said that this is a rumor. They do plan to possibly set up a testing facility there eventually but there is no opening date, there are details to work out at this time. There is no testing at that location at this time, and there is no opening date.

Ohio Health has asked the author of this post to take the story down and post a retraction.

Today I was contacted by Ohio Department of Health that told me that drive through testing facilities are in the works but are not up in running yet because of COVID-19 tests and getting that system online. She told me that as soon as it is online they will start letting people know how to access it.

If you are sick do not go there, contact your doctor for assistance. Brian Stewart Pickaway county commissioner says that they are testing people on a case by case right now, and there has been zero positive cases.

We also contacted Pickaway County Board of Health and they also said that testing in Pickaway County is something they have in the works but it is not ready to be implemented at this time, here is a statement from a board member.

We will verify any information of this kind of health importance with the officials, please feel free to reach out to us as Sciotopost for factual information.