Home News Take Back the Strip Donates Collections to Westfall Cares During Food Drive

Take Back the Strip Donates Collections to Westfall Cares During Food Drive


PICKAWAY – Jeff Coleman administrator for bring back the strip event brought the groups donation today to Westfall Cares during their monthly food collection drive.

Westfall cares who normally feed around 30 families average monthly have had a spike in need during the COvid-19 pandemic, and have been helping 140 families.

“The need is great right now for us here, said Westfall cares, “We are thankful for everyone who has donated to help us.” Coleman aimed the second take back the strip event towards donations to give back to the community.

“This has always aimed to be a family friendly event,” said Coleman, “this is about bringing community together so a food drive for people that are in need goes hand and hand with out event.”

Coleman teamed up with Westfall cares and Pickaway Cupboards to receive donations this month. A total of 110 boxes of food, 2,200 dollars, and 200 free donatos pizzas were donated during the take back the strip event that occurred on April 2, 2020 from 6-10pm.

The event currently aimed at social distancing has people “crusin” the North court strip in vehicles, reliving a social event kids used to do in the 50s-2000 era. The event extremely popular with generations brought people in from outside Pickaway county. Originally designed as a rolling car show, many people in vintage cars, jeeps and high end cars joined in. Thousands of cars were seen “cruisn” up Court street mostly, with other streets bare.

Local small town business took advantage of the popular venue and opened up late hours to offer drive thru and take-out foods. Some of those local food vendors had to shut down operations early. According to facebook posts from Thirsty parrot and The Elks lodge the food vendors sold all their food and had to close early due to demand. The Elks Lodge who sold their Tenderloin sandwitch said they sold out in “record time” last night. Other locals who opened for the event had a steady stream of customers throughout the night.

Roundtown radio a local online radio source said that they hit record numbers of listeners at 11,431 at one time. The radio group played a special mix of popular crusin songs for the event. Travis Young the local DJ reported on the facebook post.

Circleville Police Department reported minimal police issues, but did have to shut down Ted Lewis park at dusk because the group did not have a permit to be in the park after hours. Police had the opportunity to engage the public in a positive way as seen in the post below.