Home News Survival Flight Medical Helicopter Finds New Home in Circleville Township

Survival Flight Medical Helicopter Finds New Home in Circleville Township


PICKAWAY – A medical helicopter service has officially found a home inside Pickaway County.

According to Steven Perry Director of Corporate Compliance for Survival Fight coming to Pickaway County area just made sense for the company.

“A good amount of our service runs are coming out of this area,” said Perry, “We were housed at Mount Carmel so moving made sense because we were flying from Columbus south to Pickaway and surrounding areas already. Now instead of a fifteen minute flight south to a service run and a fifteen minute run back to Columbus we are already here. This saves us time and expense and most importantly it saves response time for people who desperately need it.”

Circleville Township Trustees approved the three year agreement with the option for more during regular meeting on January 20, 2020.

The Trustees explained that half of the Township building is set up for the 24/7 Survival flight crew, and the helicopter will be parked behind the building as early as tomorrow. The building is located at 2665 North Court Street.

Steven Perry Director of Corporate Compliance said that they became really interested in the area when they talked with Bryan Brown of Pickaway Township, who had already secured parts of the building on the township property for a few pieces of equipment.

“Around Pumpkin Show time in October we set up here,” said Perry, and thats when we realized this would be a good fit for us.”

Perry says that they do not just want to be a transport service but want to offer some medical training to the community and would offer some services for people interested in the job. Perry said he has already been in contact with Pickaway Health Commissioner Nasandra Wright where he has offered services to them to help the community also.