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State Fairs Still Awaiting Orders, Some Take Steps, Some Await More Decisions


OHIO – Ohio State Fairs are confused on exactly what they can do when it comes to orders set down by Gov. Dewine so far. Some Fairs like Pickaway County Fair seem full steam ahead saying they are “hopeful for a full fair experience, while others are making cancelations.

Pickaway County fair said today they are hopeful that they can work with legislation to find a way to keep the fair open for all the 4-H kids, for support of the community, and to celebrate with them. In a online post by the fair they said that this years fair will look different than others, but they feel it can be done safely.

Pickaway county will make a decision on fair plans by Sr. Fair Board on June 8 with, “the information and restrictions we have at that time from all state and local government entities.”

Jackson County fair has already made the decision to move forward with the Jr. Fair portion of the fair and forego all Midway, and Grandstand activities this year. (This means no carnival rides, grandstand entertainment or commercial vendors on site).

“While it is the boards full intention to move forward with the Jr. Fair, please understand this is a very fluid situation. In the coming days and weeks many committee meetings will be held in effort to map out what all options are available to allow this portion to continue. We will be monitoring the COVID-19 trends at both state and county levels as well as any decisions rendered from the Governor’s office, Ohio Dept of Health, Ohio Dept of Agriculture, Ohio Fair Managers Association and the Jackson County Health Commissioner.
Given this ever changing situation a more definite decision will be made by the board on or before June 20th as to what the Jr. fair shows will look like. Understanding the safety of our children and all fairgoers is our number one priority.”

Pickaway County fair is just over a month away.