Home News Six Year Student Excels and Graduates in Circleville Where Other Schools Failed

Six Year Student Excels and Graduates in Circleville Where Other Schools Failed


CIRCLEVILLE – Halona Leialohalani Freund started High school in 2012 with Hillard City Schools, Hillard Davidson High School.  “I have a IEP, for a learning disability and even was given the option to opted out of math.  I felt that Hillard put me down, they told me I wouldn’t graduate that I will be here for five more years.  I had a lot of negative things happen, they wouldn’t let me cope with my IEP issues, so my anxiety got worse, and I shut down.  Circleville was more welcoming asking if I needed help, and they helped me down a path I wanted, gave me confidence in graduating.  I felt more confident here in Circleville Schools vs. Hillard, one of my favorite teachers is the math teacher Mr. Jordan where for the first time ever I scored a A in math,” said Freund.

“So I’m graduating this year, and I’m now doing a year-long internship at Berger hospital this year.  I’m involved with Project Search.”  Project Search is a Cincinnati based group that helps kids with disabilities find work and placement into good jobs. “They are going to give me more tests to figure out what I’m best at, I’ve already taken some tests, and they said I scored better in two different categories than other employees and that makes me feel great.  I want to help people and work in the medical field maybe an RN or an STNA.  That’s what a lot of the Circleville teachers told me I would be best suited to do.”

“I would tell other kids, to strive for what you believe not for what others always tell you.  Strive to move forward not to move backward make your dreams come true.  My favorite teachers are Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Strawser, one has helped me with my IEP and classes, and the other one is my Math teacher.  Its been a great experience at Circleville High School I’ve felt welcomed I’ve felt at ease with teachers that cared about me.  In Hillard, I didn’t find that want for accomplishment in Circleville I did.  I’m excited about the internship; I’m excited to do something for this community and give back now.”

Hiede Freund, Halona’s Mother, said, “She opted out of Math at Hillard Schools, in Circleville, it became one of her favorite subjects, and it was the first time she has gotten an A in a math class.  It came down to the teachers wanting to see her succeed and care about her.  It is a very proud moment, moving her to Circleville was the right move for my child.”