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Sexual Predator of 12 Year Old Gets 30 Years for Long Term Grooming Relationship


ZANESVILLE – A 31 year old man who took advantage of a situation and formed a grooming relationship with a ex-girlfriends daughter has now been sentenced to decades of prison time.

31-year-old Fred Pitts was given a sentence of 30 years in prison this morning in Muskingum County this morning.

The charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and one count of gross sexual imposition, stem from Pitts relationship with the 12-year-olds mother, where the man was in the home and groomed the minor child into a child/adult relationship where he abused the girl for over three years. The situation changed when the mother of the juvenile broke up with the man and the grooming relationship became estranged. This caused the now 15-year-old girl to run away from home and into the arms of her abuser, causing a manhunt for the man.

After four days Pitts and the juvenile turned themselves in to local authorities.

This was not the only juvenile that Pitts abused, in October Pitts pleaded guilty to a incident that occured when he was a employee at a fast food restaurant. Another employee, a minor filed charges against him for inappropriate contact.