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Roundtown Society, Unexplained Lights in the Sky on November 7th


My name is Michael Moore and I am an investigator for Roundtown UFO Society (RUFOS) and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

The Roundtown UFO Society is asking about few sightings seen on the 7th of November.  It is his hopes to put it out on your news where it can be seen in case others might have seen it and then have a place to report it to.

A short synopsis for UFO Society is  as follows:

A couple of people driving home on I-23 were coming south into South Bloomfield just south of St. Rt. 752 when they saw some strange acting large orangish lights to their east over the fields traveling east to west across I-23. The time was 6:36pm. As the drove south of South Bloomfield, the couple pulled over to get a better look and again saw some lights higher in the sky acting strangely.

Witness 2: driving south on I-23 also saw similar acting strange lights near County Line Road at about 6:45pm when they were coming into Ross County.

Witness 3: a nephew of a Roundtown UFO Society member communicated to his uncle that he had seen lights that were acting similarly where the lights were “jumping” one sort of meeting up with the other and then repeating this action as it moved across the sky.

Witness 4: who saw our post on Facebook reported seeing something similar as he was heading west on St Rt. 22 around the Fairfield/Pickaway county line on Tuesday, probably about 7:00-7:30.

Witness 5: posting on the RUFOS Facebook mentioned some similar colored lights South of 270, east of Alum Creek Dr…kind of over Three Creeks Park.

RUFOS hopes to gather information about these anomalous acting lights which will be shared with MUFON who will do their own investigation as well. If any others have seen anything similar and would like to share that information with RUFOS, please call 614.572.6016 – Michael Moore


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