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Ross County Wildlife Officer Saves Young Eagle


ROSS – Ohio Division of Wildlife is reporting that one of their wildlife officers has saved a young Eagle from a early demise this week.

According to the facebook post Ross County Wildlife Officer Bob Nelson received a call from a volunteer hunter education instructor about an injured bald eagle. When he arrived to see the eagle, he could tell that the injured eagle was fairly young because of the brown markings on its mostly white head, which means the eagle is likely in transition from a juvenile to an adult. Bald eagles transition into their classic white heads between 4 and 5 years old.

Officer Nelson carefully transported the eagle to the Glen Helen Raptor Center in Yellow Springs, where they will monitor the eagle’s spinal injuries.

Hopefully the Eagle makes a full recovery, sometimes animals like this that survive through injuries but are still handicapped may spend the rest of their lives in a captivity situation helping people better understand the raptor.