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Ross County Files Charges Against Puppy Abuser


ROSS – Charges filed against suspect in the abuse and subsequent death of 13 week old puppy

January 16, 2020: On January 15, 2020 the Ross County Dog Warden and the Ross County Humane Society were contacted by Town and Country Animal Clinic in Chillicothe regarding an approximately 13 week old male puppy who was the victim of severe trauma and suspected abuse. Ross County Humane Society assumed immediate care of the puppy and it was transported to Northfork Animal Clinic to be seen by shelter veterinarian to be stabilized. It was decided that the puppy required advanced emergency medical care and therefore was transported to MedVet Hospital in Worthington. The puppy, who suffered from fluid in the lungs as a result of the traumatic brain injury, subsequently passed away due to the extent of its injuries.
Joshua Keets, of Chillicothe, has been charged with animal cruelty for the abuse and injury of the puppy and additional charges may be pending as applicable by law. According to the police report, it is alleged that on the morning of January 15, 2020, Mr. Keets threw the puppy out of the window of the residence for barking, after which Mr. Keets was seen slamming the puppy on the ground, crating the puppy, and then picking up the crate with the puppy inside and throwing it against a wooden fence.
The remaining puppies at the residence were seized by Deputy Pam Longlott of the Ross County Dog Warden office. At that time Belinda Hufferd, of the same residence, was also charged with animal cruelty for failure to seek medical treatment for the puppy at the time the injuries occurred. Executive Director of the Humane Society, Jenn Thomas says, “I would like to thank Town and Country Animal Clinic, the Chillicothe Police Department, the Ross County Dog Warden office, Northfork Animal Clinic, and MedVet for their efforts and attempts to save this puppy and for working together to file charges as necessary. We hope justice will be served in due course. I would also like to thank the public for the donations received for his emergency care after we posted him on Facebook. We could not provide adequate emergency care for dogs in these situations without the support of our community.”
Ross County Humane Society will update the public as necessary if further charges are issued in this case.