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Recovery Warriors Celebrate 2 Years of Sobriety


CIRCLEVILLE -Every Tuesday night Recovery Warriors a recovering addicts group meets at Vineyard Church in Circleville.  The goal, to help and maintain a sober lifestyle through group and friendship.  The group is run by mostly recovering addicts, helping others who struggle with similar issues with addiction. Last Tuesday Recovery Warriors celebrated 2 years together.
Rusti Neff one of the founders of Recovery Warriors.

“I am three years sober, and out of all the things I have done in those three years this group is what I am most proud of.  Truth be told you really can’t truly understand addiction unless you have been through it or lived through it with a loved one.  When I got in trouble here in Circleville, Pickaway county didn’t have the programs they have now.  They are going in the right direction to help people with addiction.”

Neff said that the group even helps keep her sober, “we are all suffering for the same thing, without this group even I wouldn’t have made it to 3 years myself. People relapse sometimes, and they come back to us where they know they won’t be judged, and we help build them back up to recovery.  The Veterans of the group help lead the way for the newcomers.”

Nick Recovery Warrior

“We have a pretty big group of people who come to support us that are not suffering from addiction,” said Recovery Warrior Nick. “We even help them sometimes through things that they are suffering through, because we all are suffering through something.”
Why does this work I asked, “I don’t know, we all have the same common problem and the same common goal maybe?  We are all at different stages of our recovery, and we all move forward at differently.  I think it is important to find a group that works for you, and this group has substance to me, where other groups have not.  This group started with people who had to be here, now its full of people who want to be here.”

Rob, a founder of Recovery Warriors. 

“I do this because it works, its the only thing that I know that works best. I tell people don’t be ashamed to get help. Seek whatever works for you if you need professional help, in the beginning, then you need some plan of attack for your afterward like a group like this.  Addicts do whatever they can to get what they need when recovering you need to do whatever you can to stay clean and sober.

Change is what works, out with the old in with the new.  To be successful, you have to change your life.  Cleaning out the closet so to speak, many people make drastic steps in the beginning then get frustrated when things are not going right and give up.  You have to be patient and take baby steps forward.  You sober up, but you still need to make changes, you may still be living in the same place where drugs are around or the people you used with.  You have to take steps to remove things from your lifestyle that will pull you back into drugs.”

If you are suffering from addiction and need help, you can contact many local groups that can help you. PARS, Recovery Warriors, Circleville Police Department, and many others.  Take that step on your way to recovery now.  People do care and will help you take steps to get you away from your situation.


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