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Rare Piebald Deer Spotted in North Carolina


Cary North Carolina – A special deer has been seen by multiple people in a small town of Cary Carolina. Neighbors say that the rare deer is common to see around the area. Click here to see more photos of this animal. 

“piebald” is the description of a animal usually a mammal such as a horse, deer, rabbit with unique patches of color. This is a rare genetic variation that is rarely seen. The abnormality is from lack of pigmentation in patches, some people confuse this with albino, but it is a different variation. Piebald deer unlike Albino can have brown or black eyes, nose, and hooves, albinos would have all those features pink. Piebalds also suffer from some other deformites like overbites, spine issues, malformed legs, and other internal deformities.

Piebald deer are rare only about 1% of the deer population, albinos are even more rare.