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Rare Deformity Found in Local Dandelion


CIRCLEVILLE – The scientific word is Fascinated or Cresting.  Vascular plants like the dandelion and other plants are subject to the deformity from a hormonal imbalance.  Scientist are not 100% sure of when are why the deformation happens, but its a harmless different look to dandelions.

This particular flower was found in the back yard of a North Circleville home while cutting the grass.  “The Flower looked odd, almost like it was budding into two but then I realized it was one stem and two heads,” said homeowner.

More common in fast-growing plants like the dandelion they are a rare sight to find, much like finding a four-leaf clover.  If you happen to find this deformity please contact us as there is a scientific following on this trait.


  1. My yard is full of these deformed dandelions. Tick stems like celery and double heads. Weird looking. I live outside of new Vienna Ohio in Clinton County.

  2. I found a huge one had like six or seven heads out of came stem wow in corning Ohio there’s more

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