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DOG TALES: Let’s set the record straight!


JoEllen Jacobs, Partners for Paws

Recently I received several calls regarding a Facebook post that is inaccurate for what’s happening in Pickaway County.

According to the Facebook post, all shelters are government funded. The article that was posted maintains the “government” pays for all vaccines, worming, flea, heart guard prevention, spaying and neutering. However, it contradicts itself by claiming if an animal at a shelter becomes ill, it is euthanized to prevent spread of disease and it is less costly to “get rid” of the problem than to treat.

The posting goes on to say, “The government simply does not allow the funding to treat all of the animals in need.” It then lists all the wonderful things rescue groups provide for animals and proceeds to request donations to rescues.

I strongly encourage everyone to donate to rescues and any other organization that provides aid to animals. Under this category are the many privately-owned Humane Societies and rescues that do wonderful work with animals every day.

However, let me tell you the true facts about our Pickaway County Dog Shelter and why the Facebook posting is inaccurate. The shelter is county owned, but it does not receive county tax dollars. The Pickaway County Dog Shelter’s funding comes from the services it provides – adoptions, redemptions and dog tags – period!

That is why Ohio county dog shelters are not equal. If you visit a dog shelter that does not have a corresponding support organization like Partners for Paws, you will find some sad conditions. Believe me, they are not buying vaccines, worming meds, etc. They are euthanizing due to lack of funding to provide the proper care.

The Wright-Poling Pickaway County Dog Shelter has the benefit of Pickaway County Partners for Paws. Paws does pay for vaccines and worming meds. Paws does pay for vet care for injured or sick dogs. When you adopt a dog from Pickaway County, you receive vouchers to assist you with your new pet. Several vets who participate with the shelter will give a free vet exam and 25 percent off spay/neuter. Paws provides a voucher for an additional 25 percent off spay/neuter. In addition, Marc Rogols, chief dog warden, submitted a request and was given a limited grant to also assist with spay/neuter. None of the above is paid for by any tax dollars or government agency!

The Wright-Poling Pickaway County Dog Shelter is blessed with a hard-working and caring staff. Marc Rogols will not euthanize a dog just because the shelter is overcrowded. He secures foster families, uses portable kennels and any other means available to house the homeless dogs in his care.

Sadly, many incorrect articles like this Facebook post reach people who do not know the facts about county shelters. Please spread the word that all shelters need a helping hand. I also hope you pass the word on how the Pickaway County Dog Shelter truly operates.

When you choose to donate for the benefit of animals, you have a wide variety to choose from. Feel free to research before you donate your money. But believe me, animals across the U.S. are all in need of assistance.

Something new is happening in Paws World. When you order items through Amazon, please now access Amazon Smile. You will receive all the benefits you are entitled to receive, and in addition you have the opportunity to select a non-profit of your choice for Amazon to donate to in your name. Paws would be grateful if you choose Pickaway County Partners For Paws as your organization.

If you have any questions regarding this article or Paws events and activities, feel free to contact me at 740-420-6277.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal