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Pickaway Fellows announce 2016 class



The Pickaway Competitiveness Network (PCN) Leadership for Tomorrow Fund announces the 2016 Pickaway Fellows class. The Pickaway Fellows program is an intensive, hands-on, executive learning program for the next generation of appointed and elected leaders in Pickaway County.

To date, 33 people have completed the fellowship and now hold over 40 elected and appointed positions at the local and state level.

The 2016 Fellows class will participate in 10 sessions held within the county, one session as an intensive study of state government in Columbus, and the program culminates with a trip to Washington DC to meet with national leaders in April 2016.

The 2016 Pickaway Fellows class includes Bethany Sharpe Reid, Jennifer Moore Tomlinson, Sunny Stewart, Susanne Hess, Meagan Webb, Mindi J. Brown, Billy Dennis and Rich Filler.

The Pickaway Fellows program is an effort of the Pickaway County Community Foundation. Upon successful completion of the program, class members will be included in a board candidate pool available to various appointing bodies, as well as use the moniker Pickaway Fellow.

The fund advisory board consists of Pickaway County residents from around the county who volunteer their time to assist the development of this program.

“The Advisory Board works very hard to bring the best options for education and training for these participants,” said Sereana H. Dresbach, Fund chair. “We have witnessed the impact of this program as we see Pickaway Fellows take leadership roles in their profession, local schools, community organizations, governing bodies and neighborhoods. Most important, this program enhances their skills to deal with problems and issues, not just daily routines.”

The first session of the 2016 Fellows class will be Oct. 1 at the Pickaway County Community Foundation.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal