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Space heater suspected in mobile home fire


Trish Bennett, Editor

Quick action with a fire extinguisher helped control a mobile home fire Sunday afternoon.

LAURELVILLE – A space heater is the suspected culprit in mobile home fire on Armstrong Road near Laurelville Sunday afternoon.

According to Captain Mike Wolford, Clearcreek Township Fire Department, the residents at 26940 Armstrong Road were attempting to thaw frozen pipes with the heater when the fire began.

“The damage was contained to that area,” Wolford said. “They put an extinguisher on it when it first started and had it about under control.”

The incident was just one of a string of fires that has kept emergency crews busy throughout the frigid weekend and the second on Armstrong Road in as many days. The first was a two-story log home at 26842 Armstrong Road.

Others included a fire in a pole barn on Ringgold Southern Road that appeared to be electrical, and a blaze on Cromley Road early Sunday morning that remains under investigation.

No injuries were reported at any of the emergency scenes.

Clearcreek Township was joined at the scene Sunday by the Saltcreek Tarlton Fire Department, the Laurelville Fire Department and the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal