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DOG TALES: Let me tell you, just the facts


JoEllen Jacobs, Partners for Paws

Maria Bennett, deputy dog warden, reads to Extra Mile students at Circleville Elementary School. (File photo)

Partners for Paws has been invited to participate in Circleville’s 3rd Thursday events. Paws will be selling soft drinks, so stop by our tent, purchase a soft drink and talk with us about upcoming Paws activities.

Did you know you can help support Paws and benefit the Wright-Poling Pickaway Dog Shelter at the same time, just by signing up for Kroger Rewards? Sign up with your Kroger card for Partners For Paws – our Kroger donation number is 84505. Once you have signed up, you will see a notation at the bottom of your sales receipt saying you requested a donation to Paws.

Lost or Found dogs: Your FIRST call should be to the dog shelter if you lose your dog or find someone else’s dog. The dog shelter tracks lost dogs when notified and keeps an eye out for them. Pickaway’s dog shelter is a community treasure, one where you may find your four-legged treasure that decided to explore the countryside and forgot how to get back home.

Did you know the dog shelter has a Goodwill Ambassador? Her name is Maria, and she is a deputy warden. Maria takes dogs for a visit with senior citizens in residence at Genesis Healthcare every other Tuesday. The ladies and gentlemen are thrilled to see Maria arrive with the dogs, and the dogs get lots of loving attention.

Joy is Paws’ public relations director. Joy and Maria have visited several schools during their celebrity reading events, such as Extra Mile students at Circleville Elementary. Joy and Maria were at Scioto Elementary recently for their celebrity read with Teddy, who got a big hug from Shelley Meyer.

Joy tells me Maria tries to do away with the typical stereotyping of the dog catcher that some of the students still believe exists. Maria instills in the students the dog warden is a friend of our orphan dogs in the county. She also does a great job of explaining the need to tag and or microchip their pets. During Maria’s presentation, she instructs the students in the proper way to react to an unknown dog, giving the students some safety tips. Plus, she speaks of the process a dog experiences when he/she enters the dog shelter, along with calling the shelter when you have lost a pet, or found one.

Consider checking out the Dog Show on www.circlevilletv.com.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal