Home News Two semis destroyed by fire south of city

Two semis destroyed by fire south of city


Trish Bennett

Firefighters from four departments worked to extinguish this blaze south of the city on Thursday. (Submitted photo)

CIRCLEVILLE – A fire in two semi trucks parked in a lot on U.S. Route 23 took four fire departments about an hour to bring under control on Thursday.

According to Lt. Jim Deal, Pickaway Township Fire Department, the blaze began in the engine compartment of a 2015 semi truck and quickly spread to a 2013 boom truck parked nearby.

“Both trucks had empty trailers attached to them,” Deal said. “We’re estimating a total fire loss of about $430,000.”

Deal said the emergency call came in about 10:39 a.m. for the fire on the lot at 26055 U.S. Route 23, just south of DuPont Road. Both trucks were owned by Service Electric Company, an electrical contractor.

Deal said the cause of the fire is unknown.

“We just know it started in the 2015 truck,” he said. “They said they had the factory working on it yesterday replacing a part in the engine. That’s where it started, and then it just spread, somewhere in the motor compartment.”

Deal said no injuries were reported, but with fuel tanks burning on both trucks, it was a dangerous situation.

“We actually used about 7,500 gallons of water and foam to get it extinguished,” he said.

Pickaway Township was assisted at the scene by crews from the Kingston Fire Department, Circleville Fire Department and Southwest Pickaway Fire District, he said.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal