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Home vandalized after drug arrests


Trish Bennett, Editor

The garage and a vehicle at 112 Fairview Blvd. show just some of the graffiti left behind this week following the arrest of the homeowner and another suspect on drug-related charges. (Photo by Trish Bennett)

CIRCLEVILLE – A home on Fairview Blvd. in the city was reported vandalized this week after the homeowner was arrested on drug charges the day before.

The rear of the home and outbuildings at 112 Fairview Blvd. and a vehicle parked nearby were spray-painted overnight Monday with drug-related graffiti, according to reports from the Circleville Police Department. The word “heroin” was used repeatedly, along with phrases like “drug house” and “come get it,” among others.

A neighbor reported the damage shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday.

The incident occurred overnight following the arrests Monday of the homeowner, James L. Osborn, 62, and a female suspect, Susan K. Cornwell, 48, whose home address also is listed at 112 Fairview Blvd., according to reports. Both currently remain in the Pickaway County Jail.

Osborn is currently charged with a probation violation as well as one count of trafficking in drugs and one count of possession of heroin.

Cornwell is currently charged with trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and non-support of dependents.

The graffiti incident remains under investigation, according to Sgt. Shawn Baer, Circleville Police Department.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal