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HERE’S WHAT I THINK: Farewell, Kirk McMahon


Ty Ankrom

As a lifelong educator, I’ve spent 36 years in administration and have had the pleasure of hiring great teachers and great supervisors.

One such example is Kirk McMahon, who will be retiring as superintendent of Circleville City Schools at the end of the month.

Kirk started his career as a social studies teacher at the old Circleville High School in 1985. He was an assistant principal at Canal Winchester High School when I was the superintendent of Circleville City Schools in 2000 when I hired him to be principal at Everts Middle School.

In fact, he tells the story that I called and offered him an administrative position without confirming the building or position. This is true. We had a resignation at the last hour and I was deciding where to place Kirk.

While he may not have known exactly what his job would be, Kirk didn’t let it stop him from excelling during his years with the district.

Kirk’s contributions to Circleville will be long-lasting and vast. His vision in overseeing the creation of the new Circleville City Schools campus is providing avenues for success for the next generations of students.

Between the 21st century buildings, classrooms that are technologically up-to-date that promote academics, athletic fields, and performing arts facilities within the high school, the campus has become, in Kirk’s words, a community center.

Throughout the five years that Kirk oversaw the campus project he also ensured that the district’s teachers have continued to increase opportunities for student success.

Kirk said he is indebted to me for bringing him back to Circleville to ultimately begin and end his career as an administrator.

But really, those of us in Circleville City Schools and Pickaway County are indebted to him.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal