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Incumbents re-elected to at-large city council seats


Trish Bennett, Editor

At-large council members Tammy Bowers (left), Dorcas Morrow and Tom Spring (not pictured) will return for another term on city council following Tuesday’s general election. (Photo by Trish Bennett)

CIRCLEVILLE – Todd Brady will not be returning to city council next year following the results of Tuesday’s general election.

Brady, currently the third ward council member, opted not to run for re-election to his third ward seat and instead entered the race as the fourth candidate for three at-large council seats.

Current at-large members Tom Spring, Dorcas Morrow and Tammy Bowers all were re-elected to their positions on Tuesday. Spring earned 1,961 votes (29.67 percent); Morrow earned 1,796 votes (27.17 percent); Bowers earned 1,543 votes (23.34 percent); and Brady earned 1,310 votes (19.82 percent).

Brady’s third ward seat will be filled the first of the year by Josh Ford, who ran unopposed for the position in Tuesday’s general election.

Brady could not be reached for comment Tuesday night, but prior to the election, he said his motivation for running for an at-large seat was two-fold.

“I wanted to give some other people the opportunity to serve,” Brady said. “I wanted to see how I would do in a city-wide election anyway, and I wanted to give Josh an opportunity to serve.”

Brady, who works in the construction industry, said a loss at the polls would just give him the opportunity to work on out-of-town jobs again and build up some hours toward retirement.

And in two years, he said, he may decide to run for office again.

“I think of it as a service position, not an employment opportunity,” Brady said. “I want more people to come in there and serve. It’s a great learning experience.”

Brady will continue to serve as third ward council member through the end of the year.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal