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City leaf collection begins Nov. 9



Fall leaf collection in the City of Circleville begins Monday, Nov. 9, and will continue through Thursday, Dec. 31.

Efforts by city residents to deliver bagged leaves to the City Garage, 740 S. Washington St., will be greatly appreciated, as united efforts combine for a cleaner neighborhood in a timelier manner for all. Deliveries will be accepted from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For residents not able to deliver to our City Garage, bagged leaves may also be placed on the curb for pickup. The City offers the following tips for your fall leaf collection in order to prevent stormwater pollution:

  • Place leaves ONLY between the grassy area and curb, not in the street.
  • Place leaves only for collection, no brush or other debris, as they will not be collected.
  • Park cars away from leaf piles.
  • Keep leaves away from street storm drains. Leaves flow into the storm sewer and cause blockages and street flooding. Too much decomposing organic waste adds excess nutrients into our streams and lakes, some of which can lead to algae blooms which can be harmful to humans and pets.

Stormwater violations include, but are not limited to, sediment running off of construction sites, spills and dumping of chemicals, fuels or any other non-stormwater materials, including trash and yard waste, into the storm sewers.

If you observe a stormwater violation you would like to report to the City, please contact us at 740-477-8224 or send an email to [email protected].

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal