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Pilot Successfully Lands Emergency Landing at Pickaway County Airport


CIRCLEVILLE – A single engine prop plane, possibly a Cessna had landing gear trouble in the air. Understanding that this issue could not be solved in the air, the pilot called in for a “non-standard” or hard landing to be performed at the airport. This incident may sound perilous but it is more common than you think.

Part of the procedure to this landing, the pilot will circle the airfield waiting for emergency vehicles to be in place and to burn off any excess fuel for emergency purposes. “I watched the plane circle a few times waiting for responders to arrive before trying to land,” said Thomas Bowen, a local wildlife and nature photographer that happened to be in the area.


The landing is usually executed by landing on the back wheels first, then dips the nose into the tarmac. This was executed without any other issues, the pilot and passenger of the plane were unharmed and walked away without any injuries. Reports said that the front gear malfunctioned due to ice buildup.

Pickaway Township fire and EMS Pickaway County Sheriff Radcliff were first on scene. Surrounding Fire Departments were dispatched also, some where turned away when the incident deescalated.

Photos and eye-witness report from Thomas Bowen


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