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Pickaway’s First Positive Case was on March 18th


Pickaway – Dr. Amy Acton says that cases are just the tip of the iceberg here in Ohio with the limited testing that we have had due to a shortage of accurate testing. Action says that the number of cases are just a snap shot into the past as some testing is sometimes up to five days out.

Information has come out on ten of the Pickaway County cases reflexes exactly that, according to information released by CDC the first confirmed case in Pickaway was tested on March 18, 2020 it took several days for that test to come back and it was reported by Pickaway Health on March 25. According to the data seven of those cases were tested and positive before the first case in Pickaway County was reported because of the delay in the testing.

A majority of the positive cases are also female (7) and ages range from 20-59 years of age, Males (3) are age range from 20-49. In the last 24 hours we have received three more cases but age and sex of those three cases have not yet been posted. According to Pickaway health one of those people has been hospitalized.

Here is the info from CDC, info is limited and they do not give you an area where the people are. Please continue to practice social distancing and conform to the stay at home order.