Home News Pickaway Institution Swell Again to 341 Positive Cases of COVID-19

Pickaway Institution Swell Again to 341 Positive Cases of COVID-19


PICKAWAY – Two Pickaway Institutions that share the same location are reporting more surge in COVID-19 within their walls, and in five 6 days they have reported five deaths.

According to CDC Pickaway Corrections Institution is at 202 inmate confirmed cases of COVID-19, 202 people are in isolation, 64 staff members who have reported positive and five deaths (one probable). Correctional Reception Center is reporting 64 positive cases, 64 people in quarantine, and 6 staff members positive.

Pickaway Corrections institution is the only institution in the state that has confirmed deaths of COVID-19.

Two other correction facilities in the state that are seeing surges are Marion Correction with 1,160 cases between staff and inmates. Franklin Medical Center has 127 cases between staff and inmates.

Chillicothe Correctional is now reporting their second case within their walls.

Gov. Dewine said on Friday comprehensive testing of inmates has begun at Marion Correctional Institution, Pickaway Correctional Institution, and Franklin Medical Center. Ohio is believed to be the first and only state in the country to conduct comprehensive testing in a state prison setting.

With comprehensive testing at these facilities, the Ohio Department of Health expects higher reports of COVID-19 as the testing identifies positive individuals who otherwise are asymptomatic or would recover without a test. For example, the testing of one prison dorm in Marion found that out of 152 inmates, 39 percent tested positive for COVID-19 although they did not show any symptoms.

“While we know coronavirus does pose a specific threat to congregate settings, this comprehensive testing will give us insight on both how to best coordinate response at these facilities, as well as data and insight on how comprehensive testing within a cohort will affect testing numbers,” said Governor DeWine. “I want Ohioans to know that these numbers do not necessarily indicate a new problem at these facilities, but simply wider testing.”

Governor DeWine also announced that he denied 84 commutation requests and approved seven.