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Pickaway Institution Has Most Inmate Covid-19 Cases in State


PICKAWAY – Gov. Dewine announced today that Pickaway Institution has reported two more deaths of inmates on April 15, 2020. On April 6, 2020 that only 5 inmates had tested positive for COVID-19 now slightly over a week later (April 16, 2020 we are at 149 cases of COVID-19 within the walls of the institutions, and more that are staff members.

Pickaway Heath reported earlier that Pickaway County has 250 cases of COVID-19, not all of the inmates are accounted for in these numbers, but a majority of the cases in Pickaway County are from the Prisons.

Currently According to Pickaway Health and Ohio CDC Pickaway Correctional Institution update (6pm) is reporting 131 inmates with positive COVID-19 testing.

Pickaway Institution is reporting 149 positive inmates, 149 inmates in isolation, and 48 staff members. Correctional Reception Institution is reporting 33 inmates positive, 33 inmates in isolation, and 6 staff members that have COVID-19. That gives a total of 236 cases of COVID-19 involved in the facility and more cases are pending testing.

489 Inmates in the state have been reported to have COVID-19 another 1,157 inmates have been tested and 744 of those tests are pending, 140 tests have been negative. 184 staff members in jails around the state have positive testing for COVID-19

Pickaway County institutions have the only inmate deaths at three as of April 16, 2020.

Around 7:20 pm pn April 14 a nurse called 911 requesting a total of five ambulances to 11781 State route 762 PCI for inmates with COVID-19 cases. Three more calls for ambulance runs came earlier today, Five inmates were transferred to OSU with low oxygen stats from COVID-19.

Gov. Dewine said in his press conference today, “We certainly worry about a lot of things but we certainly worry about somewhere that has concentrated living. We are working on new strategies for social distancing in our state prisons at this time. Ohio State University is working with the state prisons to work out some details.”

 Some of these numbers are not reflected on CDC or Pickaway Health Department numbers. As of 2:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, April 15, 2020 currently there are 186 confirmed cases in Pickaway County, 139 being inmates, 40 persons under investigation, and 53 negative test results with 19 recovered, 8 hospitalized, and 3 deaths of an inmates.

As you can see the numbers reflected in their 2 pm report are not the same numbers the CDC is reporting, according to Susan from the Pickaway Emergency response center, “We know there are more inmates that are not accounted for on our report by the end of the day. As we get more information on positive cases we are entering them into the system there is a lag in the system for numbers from ODRC.”

Some staff members are not from the county and may not be counted in Pickaway county numbers, but ALL of the Corrections Institutions inmates are counted in Pickaway.

Because of the outbreak in cases with the staff members in Pickaway Correctional Institution Dewine ordered the national guard to step in and help assist. National Guard will provide medical triage staffing for the Jail, take temperatures, and help with non-COVID cases. They will also provide care at the long-term center which houses older inmates and inmates with chronic illnesses.