Home News Pickaway Heath Board Adds two New Circleville Members

Pickaway Heath Board Adds two New Circleville Members


PICKAWAY – During last nights (January 10,2020) Health Board meeting two new people were added to board.

Richie Verito owner of Richies New York Corner Deli joined the board, “I have been in the food industry my entire life, food safety and safety to the public is a high priority to me. I have lived in Circleville 14 years, and I have been in business at the deli for eight years today.”

Colin Hedges lifelong citizen of Circleville, Estimator at Forjak Industrial Inc. “My dad was a known doctor in town for many years, growing up people in town asked me if I was going to follow in his footsteps and I always replied defiantly not. Yet it seems everything comes around in circles and now I guess I want to contribute something to the health of Pickaway County. Honestly when the mayor and the city asked me, and Ive heard a lot fo good things in the last six months to a year coming from the health department.  I was really excited to be part of this group.”

Pickaway County Health board serves over the Pickaway County Health Department.