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Pickaway County Prisons Up to 18 Positive Cases of COVID-19 More in Isolation


PICKAWAY- The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is reporting 18 positive cases of Covid-19 that consist of both inmates and staff. This is a count from two institutions Correctional Reception Center and Pickaway Correctional Institution both are located in Northern Pickaway County.

The data also says that the jail is in full quarantine at this time along with several other institutions, but combines Pickaway County has more than half of the positive cases in prisoners, but Marion Correctional Institution leads the pack on reported tests on staff members at 34.

According to the report Pickaway Correctional Institution has 9 inmates, 7 staff members who have tested positive, and Correctional Reception Center has 1 prisoner and 1 staff member. Both are in fill quarantine mode and 27 inmates are in isolation at this time.

According to the report, “Prisons may implement quarantine procedures when staff or inmates test positive. Quarantined facilities are operating under modified movement and the populations are being separated by unit along with other precautionary measures. Every inmate at these facilities is monitored daily and has their temperature taken along with a check for symptoms.”