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Pickaway County Mosquito Population Control


Pickaway County;

We were able to to spend a great deal of quality time on the phone with Pickaway County General Health District Commissioner, Nasandra Wright and RS Environmental Health Divisions Patrick Hartung on Monday July 1st.

They were both very informative and took the time to listen to the complaints that we had noted from the citizens as well. Now, it is our job to spread that information to you, our readers.
One of the first questions I asked, will we see the county fogging or spraying the areas with a high mosquito population and the answer was, maybe.

It has been one of the wettest spring and summer on record, mosquitoes strive in wet areas, using still bodies of water as a place to reproduce in mass quantities. Fogging or spraying an area will only kill the adult mosquito, leaving the larva behind to hatch and replenish the population quickly and only giving temporary relief. A few of the things that were mentioned to us revolved around preventative actions and being proactive around your own home and property. Removing standing water, cleaning gutters to allow proper drainage and keeping grass and weeds cut down. You can visit the link below to read more about mosquitoes in Pickaway County, including contact information and the new interactive map that shows where current mosquito traps are placed and any diseases found.

Mosquito Control – Pickaway County General Health District

PCGHD Mosquito Program : Mosquitoes can be found around many households, campgrounds, and parks in Ohio. It is common for humans to come in contact with mosquitoes in the spring, summer, and early fall in Ohio when going outdoors. There are 59 species of mosquitoes in Ohio.

If you visit the Pickaway County Health District in person, they have some free stuff that will help you with your battle against the mosquito !

There are mosquito dunks, mosquito repellent and other items available.

Please don’t hesitate to file complaints or report mosquito problems, by calling 740-477-9667 ext. 225