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Pickaway County Fair Still Planned with Alternative Plans in Place


PICKAWAY – The Pickaway County fair is first of many County fairs that occur around the state and that has a lot of eyes looking at how the fair is possible with COVID-19 orders.

The Pickaway Fair is scheduled for June 20-27, and during the fair board meeting last night via telephone communication they discussed alternate plans.

The Ohio Fair Managers Association is working on a plan with officials to keep the fairs open, mostly for 4-H kids who have not only spent money on projects but some 6 months worth of time raising livestock for the fair.

Some livestock projects have been turned into project books and will be judged that way. Alternative FaceTime alternatives may also be used for judging.

Gov. Dewine was asked during press conference on Monday about ride inspectors who were furloughed earlier this year.

“We can bring them back quickly if the plan is to move forward with fairs,” said Dewine.

During the fair board meeting Von Cremeans asked about alternative plans for entertainment, preparations to cancel if needed, and having vendors come up with plans to social distance at their locations for fairgoers.

Cremeans mentioned that the fair books are coming in so that is a good sign for sure, but a final decision will be made by the Sr. Fair Board at the June 8 monthly meeting and details/instructions shared immediately following that meeting.