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Pickaway Correctional Updates Numbers Tick Up Daily Now


PICKAWAY – Just weeks into March and some of the earliest orders to control the spread of COVID-19 by Dewine was to seal off the prisons and jails in Ohio not allowing visitors. That did not stop the flow of new inmates coming into the population though.

According to the Ohio CDC Pickaway Correctional Institution and Pickaway Board of Health has had one death of an inmate, they have 38 inmates test positive for COVID-19, they have 52 people in isolation, and now they are reporting a uptick in staff reported cases at 20. The Correctional Institution that is also in the same location is now reporting four inmates that are positive for COVID-19, four that are in isolation, and three staff members that are positive.

On April 13, 2020 81 confirmed cases in Pickaway County, 43 being inmates, and 44 negative test results with 10 recovered, 7 hospitalized, and 1 death of an inmate.