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Pickaway Commissioners Order Flags at Half Staff for Former Sheriff, Make Statement


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Commissioners have released a statement on the passing of former Sheriff Radcliff.

Today, we join residents all across Pickaway County in mourning the passing of longtime Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff. The word “legend” is sometimes tossed around too freely, but Sheriff Radcliff embodied it. The statistics of his career are as incredible as they are unmatchable: a 55-year career in law enforcement, 12 consecutive terms as Sheriff, culminating in being America’s longest-serving Sheriff at the time of his retirement. It is nearly impossible today to imagine any other lawman leaving behind such a record of truly lifetime service ever again. Beyond the statistics, however, Sheriff Radcliff was a pillar of this community who touched the lives of virtually everyone in it. He enforced the law and kept residents safe but made a point to treat inmates with compassion and respect. For nearly a century, the name “Radcliff” has been synonymous with Pickaway County all across our state and our nation, and he will be greatly missed by us and so many others whose lives he touched. Our prayers are with his
wife Betty, his children and grandchildren, his many friends, and with our own friend and colleague, the current Sheriff Robert Radcliff, who continues the family tradition of selfless service. By order of the Commissioners, all county government buildings in Pickaway County will fly flags at half-staff effectively immediately until May 20, 2020.

Commissioner Harold R. Henson
Commissioner Brian S. Stewart
Commissioner Jay H. Wippel