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Peebles is Closing Forever, Company is Rebranding Aiming for A Younger Crowd


CIRCLEVILLE – Two weeks ago we announced that Peebles was going to close and the parent company is going to rebrand the store into something the Pickaway town may love.  Signs went up this week that Peebles in Circleville is starting clearance of the stores items to make way for the Gordman Brand.

A spokesperson for Circleville Peebles confirmed today that things are changing for the Circleville store much like some of the other Peeble stores in Ohio and surrounding states. The Peebles brand flies under Stages Stores, Inc a leading retailer in trend-right, name-brand values for apparel, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, and home goods. The company operates in 42 states total through several names. Bealls, Goody’s Palais Royal, Peebles, and Stages of specialty departments. They also have Gordman’s off-price stores and an online e-market store.


Circleville Peebles will be converting into a Gordman’s store mid-summer according to a Peebles Representative. They will offer a more “TJ Max style shopping experience vs. what they do now. This is more likely to appeal to the younger crowds a representative of Peebles said, Gordman aims for a younger crowd, and she thinks it will be a favorite for the area. There isn’t a TJ-Max or Kohls like store in Circleville, so this should be a big hit with shoppers.

The statement also revealed that there are no foreseen job losses in any of the 38 conversions from Peebles to Gordmans across the country. The report also said the store would be closed for ten days while the company changes signage and redesigns the store. No timetable was given for when the remodel will start.

According to the Stage’s Store Website they purchased Gordman’s in 2017 with aims to hit the off-price market. An off-market retailer is one that sells off-season and overstock items. This keeps prices down and more selection. According to Gordman’s website, Gordman offers clothes for women, men, children, toys, and housewares.