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OMJ Pickaway Offers 300 Dollar Payment for Pickaway Residents Affected by COVID-19 Crisis


PICKAWAY – Ohio Means Jobs Pickaway County is offering a 300 dollar payment for people who qualify that have been affected by job loss or reduction in hours due to COVID-19 crisis.

Joy Ewing from Pickaway Family Job and Services says that funding came to Ohio counties by a prevention, retention and contingency program from the government to help people in need of some money to, “fill the gaps” of job loss or less hours due to COVID-19.

“This is a limited time program, first come, first serve. You must be a resident of PICKAWAY COUNTY, have a minor child in the home, meet the income guidelines and have lost a job or have a reduction of hours due to Pandemic Disaster.”

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Ewing wanted to remind residents that assistance to find employment is still available and that there are employers hiring at this time if you are looking for a job.

“The Ohio Means Job location on 1005 South Pickaway is closed to the public, but we set out a stand in front of the building with work information on it. We are updating it sometimes daily, we also have a website where you can search for jobs in the area.”

On April 2, 2020 Lt. Governor Husted announced that the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation has developed a website specifically geared toward matching essential businesses with Ohioans who are able and willing to work as an essential employee during the COVID-19 crisis.

Both essential businesses and current job seekers can visit Coronavirus.Ohio.gov/JobSearch to post and search.

The site features a highly-streamlined interface with only two main links – one for essential businesses, and one for job seekers. Applicants can search through jobs in their area, their region, and the entire state.

Any questions you have about the funding please call 740-420-7339, there is a limited amount of funding for this offer.