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Ohio State Coach Urban Myers Makes A Statement About Domestic Violence


OHIO -Urban Myers sentence of 3 games without pay hasn’t gone without controversy.  Some argue that Myers knew about the abuse of Courtney Smith and didn’t report it.  Addionally after Myers press conference followers of the controversy called out Ohio State’s Coach for not being sensitive to the abuse that Smith has endured over the years. Urban and Ohio State Posted this statement on August 24.

“My words and demeanor on Wednesday did not show how seriously I take relationship violence. I sincerely apologize. I was taught at a very young age that if I ever hit a woman, I would be kicked out of the house and never welcomed back. I have the same rule in my house and in the Football Program at Ohio State. Over the years, we have worked hard to educate and remind our coaches and players of the seriousness of relationship violence. I understand my lack of more action in this situation has raised concerns about this commitment. I once again apologize for this, and I extend my empathy to all women, men and families who are affected by relationship violence. This has been a real learning experience for me. I fully intend to use my voice more effectively to be a part of the solution.

Let me say here and now what I should have said on Wednesday: I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith and her children for what they have gone through.”

Does this settle those feelings that Urban wasn’t sensitive to this situation?