Home News Ohio Sheriff Says COVID Restrictions are, “Too Much Control”

Ohio Sheriff Says COVID Restrictions are, “Too Much Control”


OHIO – A Ohio Sheriff is raising eyebrows after going public against some covid restrictions going on in the country.

In a press release the Butler County Sheriff said, “THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA I KNOW AND LOVE
Sheriff Richard K. Jones states he is concerned the government in some cities in America has over reached and are allowed too much control during this pandemic. Sheriff Jones states he is seeing where California is threatening to cut off water and electric to churches and any large group that are not complying with the coronavirus enforcement. What are they going to do next; cut off our food supply if we do not comply? New York is conducting traveler’s checkpoints at bridges and tunnels stopping cars and detaining people from other states.
“What is going on here, these cities are using law enforcement to enforce these mandates which I want no part of. My deputies can be more effective elsewhere; this is not the definition of the land of the free. We the people are allowing the government too much control. We the people need to take our country back”, states Sheriff Jones

The Sheriff cemented the opinions on a facebook live yesterday. (You may need to fast forward to about 9:40 in the live video below)