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Ohio Police Warn of New Scam Going Around Locally


OHIO – Police are warning of a new scam that is going around right now that has taken advantage of several people in the area.

We have recently become aware of a new scam going around right now. Unknown person(s) call you and claim to be from American Electric Power. They ask for a fee to avoid having your power shut off. If you receive a call like this, please reach out to AEP on your own to inquire about your account’s status. They are always willing to help you out; they will let you know whether or not someone is trying to scam you!

“AEP Ohio wants our customers to be aware that this can happen to anyone and know to stop a scammer in their tracks. Unfortunately, scammers will use any situation to take advantage of people,” said Katie Grayem, AEP Ohio director of customer experience. “Scammers are skilled at using fear and anxiety to create confusion. They use that confusion to trick people into sending them money.”
Here’s how customers can keep their personal information safe during these uncertain times:
Check your account status online or call us at (800) 672-2231 if you’re contacted about a late payment.
Make payments only through AEPOhio.com or with an authorized AEP Ohio agent.
Watch for callers posing as an AEP Ohio representative.
Connect with us on social media. We monitor the latest threats and alert customers through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
If customers are ever in doubt, they should hang up the phone and call AEP Ohio immediately. An AEP Ohio employee can let them know if we’ve contacted them about their bill.
For more information visit AEPOhio.com/StopScams