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Ohio Health Berger Erecting Triage Tents on Circleville Location


CIRCLEVILLE – Ohio Health Berger will be setting up tents in the parking lot starting tomorrow, these tents are not a walk up location for COVID-19 testing, currently there is no drive thru or testing being done in Pickaway County.

Ohio Health Berger has released the following statement:

In order to help reduce the possibility of transmission of COVID-19, we will be erecting a
triage tent outside the OhioHealth Berger Hospital emergency department (ED).

The goal is to keep those who have respiratory symptoms and/or fever are separate from
those who do not.

This is a proactive measure we are taking to be prepared in the event the process of
outside triage becomes necessary.

It is NOT a walk-up site for COVID-19 screening.

How it will work…
1. Patients will enter into the screening area where a clinical staff member will screen
patients for travel history, vital signs and respiratory status.
2. Positive initial screenings will proceed to a secondary care tent. Patients with no
suspicion of COVID-19 will enter into the ED.
3. Patients needing to enter the secondary tent will be seen by a provider, and either
treated and released or taken into the ED for continued care.
This will help limit the exposure to other members of the community and care team.
In this unprecedented time, our main focus is the health and safety of our patients and
associates. This triage process will help us accomplish that.