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ODNR Says Fire is Officially Out in Tar Hollow After 40 Acres Burned


ROSS – Fire crews worked since April 7, 2021 to control a brush/forest fire that ignited on Tar Hollow road, now ODNR says it is offical out.

According to officials, they were called out on a brush fire around 7 pm on April 7 in the area of Poes Run, close to Tar Hollow State Park.

Authorities called in a bulldozer to create a fire line to attempt to contain the fire, but also used ATV, Side by Side, and Chainsaws to cut paths so several units of firefighters could help fight the blaze.

The fire was difficult to fight because it was on a large hill covered in trees. The slow-moving fire burned about 40 acres of land when officially done. The bulldozer was used to cut fire lines around buildings that were in close proximity to the blaze.

Around 12:30 am central command started releasing departments when they felt they had the fire contained on Thursday. Some fire department crews remain on scene even this morning to fight hot spots.

We are working on a list of departments that were called to the scene, according to OSP there were, “too many to count.” We will update when we get more info on this.