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Nuisance Property up for Auction after years of Abandonment


CIRCLEVILLE – When David Weaver passed away in early 2016, neighbors probably didn’t expect the chain of events that occurred, causing an eyesore to grow into a major problem for everyone involved.

Once a nice house with little differentiation than its neighbors, this house on West High Street in Circleville now looks far from its place. It sits within walking distance of the Pumpkin Show event that brings hundreds of thousands of people, it is covered in weeds, broken windows, and a promise from the City of Circleville that, eventually, it will be torn down.

Assigning blame as to who has allowed the building to fall into disrepair is a difficult task which may be why the building has yet to be dealt with. David Weaver’s family didn’t want to deal with the property, which began to fall into disrepair before his death at 74 years of age.



The building then allegedly passed to the savings bank, and then to the fire department, according to the City of Circleville. It now stands with multiple violations posted to the door, warning passersby and would-be trespassers that the building is going to be torn down.

We asked the Pickaway County Commissioners regarding who was responsible and all three had responses stating that their enforcement authority stops at condemning the building. The typical process is [that] the city would request an inspection. After condemning, it would be up to the city legal to take action concerning the title and remedy the problem. According to our research, the city now owns the building and is responsible for remedy.

Now up for auction this property will be sold to the highest bidder as-is with a start bid at 10,147.43.  More information can be obtained at: http://www.pickawaysheriff.com/index.php/7741