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New Poll Says “Dad Bods” are In, and Attractive

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US – A new poll from Dating.com is good news to middle age men who may be carrying a little extra in the mid section.

According to the website “dad bods” types are the most attractive to women. When polled three out of four people said they’re a fan of the dad bod look.

Are you a “dad bod”? According to dictionary.com the term has updated itself and now means, “a man’s physique that is slightly overweight or flabby but still attractive.”

Middle age men is also part of the definition, The phrase has been adopted in U.S. culture as a celebration of this particular type of physique, with references generally skewing toward a positive and light-hearted tone. This masculine body type is a unique cross between muscular and overweight physiques.

So celebrate Dad Bods and rock that tight Tshirt your look is in!