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New Business: Splatter Studio, Something for Kids to do All Summer


CIRCLEVILLE – A new business has popped up in town and is working on getting events together. My name is Heather Gambrill; I moved here last year. I used to be a lead teacher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, but now I provide childcare in my home. I have a 2-year-old son and a baby on the way, and I’d really love to see more activities for young children. Therefore I’m starting my own business, and while its still trying to take off, I’m going to be doing fun little events at local parks until I can afford a space downtown. All of my activities will include some type of children’s art (or grown up and me), something educational, a book or story and maybe a refreshment. I’m hoping to create a group where parents can be involved with their children and mingle with other parents.

I grew up in Pickerington, OH where I learned a lot form art and photography classes I was privileged to take in school. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelors in Education in 2008. I’ve worked in a few childcare centers since 2005 and provided childcare in my home for about five years. At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, I was a lead teacher where I communicated daily to families about child development and their children’s daily activities. I planned and implemented the lesson plans in my classroom to cover all of the domains in Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards. I loved being at Children’s, but it was time for me to focus on my own growing family.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m rambling, but to me, art can do so many things for kids. No doubt crafts are fun for children, but it also helps kids develop on many fundamental levels. In young children art is a great way to build motor skills, simple things like holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon are essential to developing fine motor skills. Art gives children confidence and pride when they see their artwork is valued. Drawing, painting, and sculpting helps develop visual-spatial skills. Children need to know more about the world than just what they can learn through letters and numbers. Children learn how to make their own choices, and with art, there’s no right and wrong. I’m a big believer of “Children learn through play” so the Splatter Studio group is another great chance for children to be around other children if they are not school age yet or homeschooled by stay at home parents. Parents and children both can interact and collaborate with others. I will also add in educational opportunities such as literacy and reading, math skills, etc. just because I’m a teacher by nature and it’s a great way to tie all educational and art content together!

Splatter Studio is having their first event on June 16th at the Mary Virginia Crites-Hannan Park on State Highway 188 in Circleville at 10-11 am. Let your kiddos get messy and create a canvas by themselves. All types of painting utensils will be provided, but they are encouraged to use what feels right for them. Don’t worry about the mess because the splash pad is close by, let your canvas dry while you go cool off in the water. Bring swim diapers and a suit if you choose. Light refreshments will be provided! Cost of this event is 10 dollars for everything included. Check out the Facebook Splatter Studio or at https://www.facebook.com/splatterstudiocircleville/