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New Business: Bird Rentable Scooters Launches in Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – In mid-August of 2018, Bird launched the first fleet of electric scooters in Tel Aviv, and this coastal, cosmopolitan Israeli city has been setting—and surpassing—urban mobility milestones ever since.

Since then the company has launched 10 million trips on Bird electric scooters over the past two years. Perhaps even more compelling is the fact that more than one-third of these rides have historically taken place during rush hour between 8-10 am and 5-7 pm. 

Now the company wants to launch a fleet of its rentable scooters in Downtown Circleville. These scooters can be rented on the fly from an app.

Mayor Mcllroy said that he has been in talks with the company for about a year and thinks this will give locals and visitors a unique experience to explore and shop in Circleville and Pickaway county.

Bird scooters are usually pretty cheap to operate, the app allows a unlock from a sitting scooter for a dollar, and it’s about .15 a minute to drive around town. Monthly rentals are also available for around 25 dollars with unlimited rides.

According to Bird, 56% of rides on their scooters are connected to local businesses in the area, 16% of people use them to commute from parking locations to their jobs.

Bird partners with a local company to host the scooters and maintain them. The scooters are dockless and can be found parked in different areas throughout an area. People pay as they use and leave them when they are done.

The company has now launched in Downtown Circleville as of April 2, 2021

You can download the app on Apple and Samsung phones.