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Nelsonville Auditor Found Guilty to Theft in Office, Sentenced to Almost 5 Years in Prison


NELSONVILLE – Nelsonville’s former deputy auditor was found guilty today of tampering with records, forgery, telecommunications fraud, and theft in office.

According to a press release Stephanie Wilson, 47, of Stewart, was accused of theft of 247,000 dollars over years in office as auditor. According to the indictment Wilson process inaccurate tax returns for Wilson Construction, a business operated by her husband, she also created fake businesses to serve as collection accounts for fraudulent tax returns from Nelsonville.

The City if Nelsonville released a statement saying that they gave, “a lot of trust to Wilson.”

“For almost ten years the city of Nelsonville employed Stephane Wilson. City administration, and more importantly, the residents were truly shocked to learn the news this February that there was an effort to steal from and defraud our wonderful community.”

The city says, “that the city is one of the poorest in the state, that the hard-working people of Nelsonville trust their limited money and the town itself to a City Hall who somehow pulls off a wide range of services and offerings.”

“We were consistently lied to about where the leaks where and what solutions would work. All of this undermines the healing to this day.”

Wilson was sentenced Monday April 12, 2021 to four years and 11 months in prison and ordered to pay more than $200K in total restitution to the city of Nelsonville.

Wilsons Husband Richard Wilson, 51 is also accused and charged with aggravated theft and theft in office, both third-degree felonies.