Home News Near Major Flooding Along Scioto River in Circleville Predicted

Near Major Flooding Along Scioto River in Circleville Predicted


CIRCLEVILLE – Water will continue to rise until around Noon on Wednesday according to the National Weather Hydronic Prediction graph.

Waters are reaching levels of 25 feet according to the graph, flooding stage is set at 15 feet for minor flooding in the area. At 20 feet moderate flooding will appear, this is when areas that normally flood we see flooded, roads like North Court Street, Hagerty road, and Canal road become impassable. Last year at 22 feet State route 56 at the intersection of US22 and 56 Became impassible. According to National Weather Hydronic Prediction graph we will see around 25 feet, at 23 feet we will see flooding in Ted Lewis park and at 25 feet the water will breech at levies along the Scioto creating major flooding in the area. These scales do have a margin of error.

In the video below taken on April 5 of 2018 water levels were at 22 feet in the area.

The flooding will continue from Tuesday May 19th through Saturday. According to local weather reports in the last 24 hours we have seen almost five inches of rain, the heaviest rainfall of the year.

Local homeless shelter located on North Court Street in Circleville has seen flooding already.