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National Weather Confirms EF1 Tornado in Vinton County


VINTON – Severe Weather has been prominent in the area the past two days with, reports of Hail, flash flooding, high winds, and Tornados.

Several areas around southern Ohio received Tornado Watches for most of the evening hours and early hours of April 8th/9th and for good reason as National Weather has confirmed a EF1 tornado in Vinton county that touched down around 12:33 am.

According to National weather the tornado touched down in Wilkesville in Vinton County OH. it traveled about 1/4 of a mile and had wind speeds of 90 mph giving it a EF1 rating. No one was injured in the tornado but several homes were impacted.

The public report reads. Brief tornado touchdown occurred along Ohio 124 1.5 miles WNW of Wilkesville. A new double-wide mobile home was shifted off the block foundation and turned in a westerly direction. Nearby, a garage was destroyed. Another nearby mobile home was blown a few feet off it’s foundation in a southerly direction. Clear rotation was also evident in the direction several uprooted trees were laying and in debris scattered across the property.

That wasn’t the only serious weather that occurred, there were multiple reports fo hail, hit winds and rain throughout the region, and more possible tornados that the national weather is still investigating. They released this statement to the media.

“The National Weather Service in Wilmington Ohio has received
almost 100 reports of damage from these storms, including both
structural damage and tree damage. Based on radar data and storm
reports, it is likely that some of this damage was caused by
tornadoes, and some of this damage was caused by intense straight
line winds. Due to the extensive nature of the damage, and the
number of locations affected, a full assessment of the weather
event will likely take several days to create.”

We will keep you updated on more interesting information that comes from these reports.