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Mutual Aid Comes to Rescue Three Kids From Scioto River


CIRCLEVILLE – What started as fun became a rescue involving more than four departments. Around 6:40 pm a call came into the 911 system that two minors and an 18-year-old were stuck in the fast-moving Scioto river close to the U.S. 22 overpass in Circleville.

According to Sheriff, the three boys were boating in Hargus Creek with their kayaks in Ted Lewis park when the fast moving water pulled them out to the Scioto River.  That’s when the situation got out of control, and the kids grabbed on to what they could to keep themselves anchored, so they didn’t get swept down the river.

Pickaway Township was first to respond to the call and immediately called for mutual aid from Circleville.  The fire department also called for mutual aid from two departments that specialize in watercraft rescue Pleasant Township and Jackson Township.  With the assistance of these departments they were able to launch water rescue boats and get the two boys out of the river.  According to the Sheriff’s department, the older boy was able to climb up the steep embankment himself.

Pickaway County Sheriff and Pickaway Emergency Management team also responded to the incident.