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Meet Kora! Columbus Zoo’s New Animal!


POWELL – Awww how adorable the Columbus Zoo is now hosting a new red panda.

Meet Kora who came from the Cincinnati Zoo and is a year old. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Species Survival Plan® for red pandas recommended this move, as she is a match for male red panda, General Tso.

According to the zoo members the two pandas so far are getting along great.

Red Pandas who look very different from other Pandas still like to crunch on bamboo, they are just slightly larger than a domestic cat, with a bear like body. Unlike other pandas, red pandas are known for being very skillful and acrobatic animals that predominantly stay in trees. They have long bushy tails that help them balance in trees and and cover for warmth in the winter.

Red Panda habitat is in the Eastern Himalayas in China, Nepal, and Bhutan.

According to Columbus Zoo if you are viewing the two animals, one way to quickly identify Kora is to look for her dark, wide “soul patch” on her chin.