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Man Sentenced to Decades in Prison after Attempted Murder and Carjacking of 76 Year Old Woman in Ross County


ROSS – A Highland county man has been sentenced to over two decades of prison after stabbing a woman that was only giving him a ride.

According to Ross county sheriff a 76 year old woman gave a ride to a homeless man at a local Valero gas station after she saw that he was traveling on foot on a cold day.

When 40-year-old Sam Chapman got into the car he asked for a ride to a local gun store, the 76-year-old woman refused. In reaction to that Chapman pulled a knife on the elderly woman and held her at knifepoint instructing her to drive several places. Eventually, they ended up near a field on SR-104 where Chapman said for her to pull over and he would exit the vehicle. When the driver pulled over Chapman attacked the woman with the knife causing stab wounds to the woman’s stomach, neck, and the top of her head. He then pulled her from the car and drove off in the stolen vehicle.

The woman was able to flag down local motorists that call 911, and police and emergency crews are able to care for the elderly woman.

The report says that Chapman then drove it to a local friend’s house and changed clothes and cleaned himself up. The friend noticed erratic behavior from the man asked him to leave. When Chapman left the residence on foot dumping the vehicle at the home.

The sheriff department found Chapman soon after the crime walking along 104 near the Ross county airport looking for a ride.

After 3 day Jury Trial; the jury found Defendant; Count 1, Attempted Murder, guilty; Count 2, Kidnapping, guilty; Count 3 Grand Theft, guilty; Count 4, Tampering with Evidence, guilty. He was sentenced to 21-26 years in prison for his crimes.