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Man Who Ran From Police and Rammed Police Car Faced Judge This Week


LANCASTER – Three people were taken to the hosptial this September, one a Lancaster Sheriff Deputy after a stolen vehicle chase ended up crashing head on with the cruiser.

Sheriff’s have been searching for a wanted suspect weeks before the incident that officers found through a tip that he would be in Lancaster.  According to police they were waiting for Tyler Sunday at Martens Park in Lancaster when he showed up.

When Sunday showed up around 9:30 am, he noticed the deputies and fled in the opposite way and police gave chase. Police chased the suspect throughout downtown Lancaster and out 22 East, then when he left the city he headed south on Quarry Road to Duffy Road West where Deputy John Williamson was. In a attempt to stop the fleeing vehicle the two cars collided head-on.

Sunday, a passenger, and the Deputy were all transported to Fairfield medical with various injuries.

This wasn’t the first time that Sunday had fled police, On August 23rd, when Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office deputies attempted to apprehend Sunday, who fled in a black Nissan striking a parked vehicle and almost striking a Fairfield County deputy, and on August 26th, Lancaster Police officers attempted to apprehend Sunday, and when confronted, he fled in the same vehicle striking a Lancaster Police cruiser and almost hitting an officer with the Lancaster Police Department.

This week January 3rd, Tyler Sunday, 26 of Lancaster faced the judge, where Sunday was indicted on counts of failure to comply with law enforcement, driving without a license, and various other counts totaling 17. Tyler was wanted for other warrants before that included two thefts of Walmart stores and eluding police the first time.

Sunday pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to comply, three counts of obstructing official business, vehicular assault, receiving stolen property,  driving under financial responsibility law suspension, driving under suspension, failure to reinstate license.

Sunday received a total of seven years and six months in prison for his crimes. Sunday is also required to pay 25,607.83 in restitution plus deductible of 5,000 for totaled cruiser. Sunday will have a 21-year license suspension after sentence, three years of community control.

Sunday was wanted by several agencies, including Fairfield, Lancaster and Hocking Counties for various warrants.