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LOOK UP! Sandhill Cranes are are Migrating Though This Week


CIRCLEVILLE – Have you seen V’s of birds lately in the sky over Pickaway County? Those may not be Canadian Geese but Endangered Sandhill Cranes migrating north and they are something to see.

Sandhill Cranes have the longest migration of any other species, they fly from the tips of Northeastern Siberia to Northern Mexico every year! These birds usually fly around 200 miles per day using updrafts of warm air to glide on. Sadhill cranes are the oldest living species of bird dating back thousands of years.

Sandhill cranes don’t usually breed in Ohio but ODNR has documents over 20 pairs that are making Ohio home. Most Cranes find places North to nest in Northern parts of United States and Canada. Babies are born in April-May and only have 90 days to grow up because they will start the annual migration flying thousands of miles journey with their parents the first year.

photo by Tim Brooks

Another fun fact from ODNR is that babies will often compete in the nest by attacking each other, to solve this issue the parents will split up and walk in different directions causing both babies to follow one or the other parent.

photo from Tim Brooks

So if you hear this sound (link below) you know those are not Canadian Geese but the Endangered Sandhill Crane flying overhead.